Clutch’s discography has been over 30 years in the making and currently consists of twelve studio albums, five live albums, three compilation albums, five extended plays, ten singles, and two video albums.

The group debuted with their Pitchfork EP on October of 1991. This album, and the band’s touring, gave them an early local following that kept up with the band’s frequent gigging. This also helped support them as they released their second EP Passive Restraints

The success of this second EP and the band’s growing fan awareness led to them being signed by the EAst West Records label. They then released their full-length debut album Transnational Speedway League. Two years later the band released their self-titled album, which was arguably the band’s first moment of mainstream exposure.

The band then signed on with Columbia for their 1998 album The Elephant Riders. Which was followed by 1999’s Jam Room, which was released on their own River Road Records label. The band then signed on with Atlantic for the release of Pure Rock Fury, which was notable for including appearances from members of Sixty Watt Shaman and Spirit Caravan.

Clutch’s last released studio album was Bad Decisions, which was released in 2018. This album is their 12th album, but if the teasers turn out to be accurate, will not be their last.