It’s not easy to choose a few “essential listening” songs. Especially when you’re talking about an enduring and awesome band like Clutch. So our selections are based on great songs to introduce new listeners to.

Starting with “Electric Worry” this song has an awesome sound that has that incredible hard rock sound. The guitar work is on point and the lyrics have enough energy to please e headbanging sound. Best of all is the harmonica that does work at supporting the vocals.

“The Regulator” is a bit more laid back and was a killer track when it was used in The Walking Dead. It’s a good show of how Clutch can nail hitting those goosebump-raising tunes when they sit back and relax. It’s just a haunting tune that kicks to high gear when the lyrics come in.

Finally be sure you check out “Unto the Breach”. This song references Dr. Who, Shakespear, and even the bible all in the same song. It’s got a stunning riff that pumps up the energy and makes you want to get out and run. TIm Suit nailed the guitarwork with this song.