Clutch has a long history of bringing sold out shows around the world during their live concert tours. Here are all upcoming Clutch tour locations and venues in the latest high anticipated concert tour.

Clutch Tour Locations

Clutch has been on the music scene since the 90s, which means they’ve had over 30 years to hone their craft and to run tours and concert events throughout their life. So it’s no surprise to anyone that they’ve developed quite a history.

In the early years, they spent most of their time running gigs to make money and get their name out there. While they had local acclaim and fans, it wasn’t until later in their career that they really hit the superstardom they enjoy today.

In fact, the band only had over 40 formal concerts in the period between 1992 – 1996. This trend of sporadic appearances would continue until 1998, which saw Clutch playing 31 concerts in that year. And many of these concerts were held in US venues, including a legendary show at the KUFO Rockfest 1998, in Portland Oregon’s Portland Meadows.

The band kept up this pace over the subsequent years, but hit their first major concert touring breakthrough in 2005 when they played over 100 concerts in that year alone. It had reportedly been their busiest year as a live performing band, with many critics considering this the peak of Clutch’s early work. And until 2013, this would be their trend to host over 100 concerts every two to three years on average.

The band slowed down starting in 2014, but not by much, as the band played an average of 70+ concerts each year in venues across the world. Except for the 2020-2021 years, when the band had to scale back their live performances due to the Pandemic.

But the band is back at their best in 2022, with 86 concerts planned and performed to date, including their current tour.