Clutch & Amigo The Devil at Franklin Music Hall

Clutch & Amigo The Devil at Franklin Music Hall Tickets

Franklin Music Hall | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the biggest metal bands Clutch & Amigo The Devil, is coming to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for one of the most savage performances the metal industry has ever seen! All of this will be taking place at the world famous Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where fans from all over the country will be flooding to on Sunday 23rd July 2023. Philadelphia is certain to be the hottest place to be this Sunday night, as the band delivers the same incredible performance for a legion of screaming fans. This groups passion and power is truly what sets them apart from the rest, and the atmosphere which is created at every one of their shows is nothing short of electric. Will you be there to see this show? Well, if you call yourself a rock fan, then you can’t miss out on this anticipated show. So come on out to the Franklin Music Hall on Sunday 23rd July 2023, and get your tickets today by clicking the Buy Tickets button below!

Clutch & Amigo The Devil at Clutch Tour

What better way to escape the daily routine than going to a head-banging metal gig downtown? This July metal enthusiasts from every walk of life will head down to Philadelphia for what’s said to be the most booming event of the year. That’s right, Clutch & Amigo The Devil will hit the stage of the iconic Franklin Music Hall and will take the fans on a mind-blowing sonic adventure in the world of metal. The venue has a well-deserved reputation for putting on the wildest shows and delivering the most refined concert experience to its visitors. Everything in the hall is designed with a meticulous attention to detail – from the clean sightlines, to the flawless acoustics, transportive interior, musical installations and, of course, world-class service in the face of the staff. What’s more, the venue provides endless amounts of beverages for everyone to refuel and keep the machine running all night. You simply can’t go wrong if you secure your seat, pack your best peers into the car, drive down to Franklin Music Hall and share memories that will linger for life.

Clutch & Amigo The Devil at Clutch Tour

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