Clutch, Helmet & Quicksand at Uptown Theater – KC

Clutch Tickets

Uptown Theater - KC | Kansas City, Missouri

For a date that will dash away the pressures of daily life, purchase your tickets now for Friday 14th October 2022 at the Uptown Theater, where the renowned Clutch, Helmet & Quicksand will be performing live for an exclusive concert. The music of Clutch, Helmet & Quicksand will shake all Uptown Theater, creating an electric atmosphere that all metal heads can enjoy. Prevent regret and ensure your places and purchase your tickets for Friday 14th October 2022 at the Uptown Theater with the legendary Clutch, Helmet & Quicksand. This is a performance you cannot afford to miss out on and tickets are limited, so book yours now.

Clutch, Helmet & Quicksand at Clutch Tour

Are you looking for a head-blowing Hard Rock / Metal night out this October? Good for you, because you landed on the right page. Uptown Theater, Kansas City is cooking the most iconic events in Missouri, and you’re just a click away from all of them. If some main conveniences like a fully loaded bar, professional and friendly staff and wide open spaces to break a sweat don’t win you right away, it’s all good – the most booming A-star hardcore celebrities welcomed on the scene will surely play their part. Go through the venue’s program, claim a ticket and get your mind blown on a night to remember for years.

Clutch, Helmet & Quicksand at Clutch Tour

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